Working Papers

[6] Predicting COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake with Daniel Rees - submitted

[5] Scapegoating and Discrimination in Times of Crisis: Evidence from Airbnb with Michael Luca and Michelangelo Rossi - submitted

Presented at: NABE Tech 2022; Paris School of Economics 2022

[4] Reputation Concerns and the End-Game Effect: When Reputation Works and When it Doesn’t with Chiara Belletti and Michelangelo Rossi

[3] Family Size and Vaccination among Older Individuals: The Case of COVID-19 Vaccine with Eric Bonsang - R&R at Economics and Human Biology

Presented at: EUHEA 2022; ESPE 2022; LEGOS Université Paris-Dauphine 2021

[2] The COVID-19 Curtain: Can Past Communist Regimes Explain the Vaccination Divide in Europe? with Inés Berniell, Yarine Fawaz, Anne Laferrère and Pedro Mira - Accepted at Social Science and Medicine

Presented at: IOS Conference 2022; EEA-ESEM Milano 2022; ESPE 2022; LAGV 2022; EPCS 2022; Alp-Pop 2022; Kyiv School of Economics 2022; DIAL Université Paris-Dauphine 2021

A post in Nada Es Gratis (in Spanish)

[1] Long-lasting Impact of Education on Individual Extreme Confinement Choice among 50+ during the First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic - submitted

Published Articles

[4] Ensuring Your Products Aren’t Used for Discrimination with Michael Luca and Michelangelo Rossi - Harvard Business Review Digital Articles link

[3] Robinson Crusoe: Less or More Depressed? With Whom and Where to Live in a Pandemic if You Are above 50 with Inés Berniell, Anne Laferrère and Pedro Mira - Review of Economics of the Household (2022) link

Presented at: ESA RN01; Netspar 2022; ICEA 2022 WP

[2] Behind the Curtain: How Did Women’s Work History Vary across Central and Eastern Europe? with Telmo Pérez-Izquierdo - Economics of Transition and Institutional Change (2022): 1-25. link

Presented at EEA-ESEM 2021; Dimensions of Well-Being 2021; The Gender Gaps Conference 2021; Rethinking Gender 2021; IOS-Regensburg 2021; UC3M 2021

A post in Nada Es Gratis (in Spanish)

Previously circulated as USSR, Education, Work History, Fertility Choices, and Later-Life Outcomes

[1] The Heterogeneous Effects of the Great Recession on Informal Care to the Elderly with Jesús M. Carro - International Journal of Health Economics and Management (2022): 1-13. link